Digitally Transforming



An enterprise software suite that been built to digitally transform global sport from grassroots and mass participation schemes through to amateur and professional leagues. 

The enterprise-level software suite caters to every governance touchpoint with unique dashboards and access for every tier of sporting administration.

Whether you a Sports Minister or responsible for a mass sports participation program, a Federation or Association, a League or Competition or even a Chairman of a professional or amateur club, our system gives you the control to mange everything from leagues, fixtures, staff, players, transfers. Through to data, like appearances, in game events, injuries, performance and even mental health. 

FIXING ProblemS in sports

Sport relies still on pen and paper, messaging apps and legacy database software globally. Administration is fragmented across bodies and sports and player protection is always an after thought. There is a disparity between wealthy nations, top sporting clubs and smaller emerging countries, clubs and low regulation or protection in terms of sports contracts, data and medical information and education. 

Alongside out of date administration a new financial ecosystem is required to help protect grassroots sports ensuring that the money earned at top level filters through and improves community facilities and increases participation. We believe we have the technology that fixes these problems and the SportsLive software suite will ensure that the playing field is level again, and it all starts with player protection and the ability to be able to administrate and regulate fast, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Four unique software solutions


Designed to encourage in country mass sports participation programmes, at a grassroots level through digital transformation, but without breaking the bank!

Countries can launch Sports passport in schools or nationally and capture analytics ranging from sports trialed, return on investment, health of the nation, if active or even capture sporting event participation allowing for offical sporting events and tracking.

Children can link their profile to a parent or guardian and choose who see's the data via the Sports passport mobile app.


Designed for Sports governance, the web portal was allow different tiers ranging from Government through to sports federations, associations, leagues or schools to connect and share data and analytics.

Create Professional, Amateur Leagues, or Tournaments in any sport. Publish live fixtures, scores or results directly to the fans and players live in a mobile app.

Capture data ensuring that the full sporting eco system is connected, regulated and public investment in sports is increase sports participation.


A full enterprise level suite that has been built from grassroots up, allowing Amateur and Professional clubs/teams to find local talent and trial at a sporting club, register and sign players, track player evolution and analytics.

Create clubs and teams irrespective of age or gender. Add staff to manage the clubs and teams enabling them to select squads, teams, create friendlies in a calendar and publish players. Add medics to enable the tracking of injuries and marking players as unfit for selection. Or track player subs, fines, or registration fees.

Sporting Marketplace

The world's first sports transfer system that securely tracks historic player data, injuries & progression. Built on web3 technology players can request transfers, search for agents or research agent ratings. Agents can connect or link players or clubs and share player stats. Commissions can be paid in app.

The system is built to allow players globally to trial or sign for clubs through the blockchain using smart contracts.

Players can also use their profile and ID to create a direct to consumer web store allowing them to sell official memorabilia.

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