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The entry point to our sports ecosystem is the SportsPassport, powered by SportsLive.

The free to downlaod mobile app captures your analytics and gives you access to find local sporting clubs, play in sports events, or follow your local sports team, as well as access cost-effective sporting goods. Gain rewards through sports participation and compare yourself to others globally and access masterclasses from sporting stars. 

FIXING ProblemS in sports

Sport relies still on pen and paper, messaging apps and legacy database software globally. Administration is fragmented across bodies and sports and player protection is always an after thought. There is a disparity between wealthy nations, top sporting clubs and smaller emerging countries, clubs and low regulation or protection in terms of sports contracts, data and medical information and education. 

A new financial ecosystem is required to help protect grassroots sports ensuring that the money earned at top level filters through and improves community facilities and increases participation. We believe we have the answers and the SportsLive software suite will ensure that the playing field is level and it all starts with player protection and the ability to be able to administrate and regulate fast, efficiently and cost effectively

Three Unique Products

Sports Live

Sports Live has developed a mobile app & web platform that digitally administrates team sports ranging from Rugby through to Football, Golf and even E-sports. The system is GDPR compliant and is a one-stop solution removing any need for paper and giving back control & protection to the athlete.

Global Sports Transfer System

The world's first sports transfer system that securely tracks player data analytics, injuries & progression. Built on web3 technology players can request transfers, search for agents based on ratings and sign for clubs through smart contracts. A percentage of revenue is shared with the amateur league or body.

Sports Marketplace

The only dedicated and official sports marketplace for memorabilia, education, autographs and contents where the sports stars / clubs or sports associations get paid royalties for life, based on their Non Fungible Token commerce.


The SportsLive portal is a full software suite for creating leagues, and tournaments globally whilst tracking participation, injuries, and data analytics.

Users login securely through a National ID card (Passport) number, and the system automatically displays hierarchical options based on the super user and the admin rights that are entered upon setup. The portal allows anyone to setup a league or tournament, assign referees and collect data analytics of any team sport.


Approve clubs, Review statements and documents. Pull financial and player analytics, Monitor injuries & Disciplinary


Register club with Federation, Assign staff to the club, Upload players, Calculate fees, Export player data and analytics reports, Transfer players

Club Consortium

Create leagues & tournaments, Assign fixtures, Access player performance & health data, Approve transfer players, Financial reporting

Referee Association

Register & Assign referees, Monitor performance, Upload accreditations and profiles, Submit match reports, In-game events & suspensions


A mobile app gives the ability to access and manage “live” assigned roles and responsibilities. Irrespective of whether you are a Fan, Player, Medic, Coach or Manager. The app allows users to access news, analytics, leagues and fixtures, lineups and match information.

Players receive notifications in app of selection for a game, get calendar updates and can link a parent or guardian to their profile. Federations can use the app to push news and share league tables, data analytics. Should a player get a concussion in a game or training they are automatically unavailable for selection. The referee will issue a blue card and they will be subbed and marked unavailable for ten days and subject to sign off from a medical practitioner. The referee uses a smart watch or mobile phone to capture in match data, including goals, red or yellow cards, injuries and substitutions.


Select squad- Select & submit a team to ref-rate- rate performance – make subs – send an in-app notification to players of selection. View data and analytics of club players.

Player / Guardian / Fans

Notified in-app of selection, View, accept, reject and filter assigned fixtures, View individual stats, Club stats, News, Top scorers, View leagues, Request transfer, Create profile, Report injury to medic. Follow a club.


Link to a team or squad- Report injuries live or histori- cal- suspend players- Monitor injuries and health data.


Collect/ approve teams sheets- mark in game events eg points, yellow cards etc- identify players on teams sheet- after match report- View location of match information.

Protecting Players
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