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using technology for good!

SportsLive aims to digitally transform the way sport is governed and administrated. Sport is still one of the only unregulated and archaic markets in the world, with the industry heavily reliant on old and traditional practices like paper and pen, despite it being 2.12% of the European Gross Domestic product amounting to 279.7B Euros according to a recent study by the European Olympic communities. 

We believe by utilising some of the latest technologies like Blockchain, Zero Knowledge proof, Smart contracts alongside Ai and Machine learning we can not only make sport sustainable for the future, but also increase mass participation, break down barriers to entry irrespective of gender, equality or location. 

Our team has spent years working in technology, software and digital marketing, designing and developing websites, and apps and helping global businesses digitally transform.  Alongside our technical skills, we share a passion for sport, having played sports from a young age. 

We believe that sport plays an integral part in the growth of a person & a community, not only from a health and wellness perspective but also from an integration aspect, bringing people together and uniting them through sport.

We have seen the huge growth of elite level sports finances globally, however we are concerned about the lack of investment at a grassroots level and believe that change is needed to ensure the generation of children have better access to sports, facilities and coaching.  


VISION & Mission.

Provide through technology a sports software ecosystem and suite that reduces costs of administration for Governments & Federations improving local community facilities. 

The software must benefit grassroots players and communities ensuring that sport is financially sustainable for the future, enabling money from elite level sports to filter down the pyramid to everyone. 

Our aim is to protect community facilities as well as both amateur and professional players. Whether that be data, ranging from commercial, copyright, medical or participation analytics.

We want to give any child irrespective of race, gender, demographic, or location, the ability to access, participate and trial local sports. Helping them and their parents to track their progress, whether that be improving skills, or mental or physical health. 

We believe we have written a white paper for the future of sport and through technology we will resolve many societal issues. By launching a global digital sports passport ecosystem we can deliver upon this vision and connect communities, players, clubs, tournaments, leagues, schools, academies, fans and nations through sports.. 



Meet the Team

Steve Kilby


Over 19 years director level EMEA and a founding partner in inde- pendent digital agency Amplify. Delivered global, regional and local campaigns for some of the worlds biggest brands, including Intel, Google, STC, Victoria secret, Ama- zon, FIFA, Spotify, GSK.

Marcel Brouillet

Co Founder

20 years of experience in North America and Middle East in sales and marketing. A partner in Dubai based development agency EM. Deliver- ing enterprise software solutions for brands including, Telus, JLR, Dubai Customs, DU, Thales, UAERF

Alfredo Mensi


Aerospace engineering background, blockchain developer and AI explorer, experience in machine learning algorithms and CNN strategic intelligence advisor for new technologies and digital assets, BAAS off-chain bridge entrepreneur and future mobility enabler

Ben Kilby

Sports Operations

6 Years of experience at Elite level Sports Administration. Working on Premier League and English Football League (EFL) systems. Worked with Professional Footballers ranging from 1st Team through to youth players (U18-U9).

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