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Project details

Project Name: Rugby Live UAE

Project Status: 2019 – 2024

Features: Web Portal, Mobile App

5-year paid contract with UAERF.

Project overview

Working alongside the UAE Rugby Federation and the UAE rugby club consortium, we delivered a SaaS-based software solution that delivered an enterprise-level automated administration system for UAE rugby clubs, players and referees.

The Problem

Before undergoing a full digital transformation the UAERF were still using traditional means of administration, ranging from excel spreadsheets through to paper forms. There was no official data analytics or the ability to track medical issues professionally ranging from concussions through to Covid.
Having multiple different softwares and communication platforms made for a complicated, slow and expensive governance process. Teams were using, WhatsApp, emails and paper to record and share information. There was also a need to upgrade the data policies to allow for new regulation as well as tracking the growth and participation of Rugby in the UAE.

The Solution

By implementing SportsLive the UAERF had a single software suite that catered for every step of Rugby ranging from grassroots through to senior adult teams.
The single point of entry greatly reduced the cost of administration not only for the federation but also the clubs. The cost savings are now being reinvested back into the Rugby eco system in the UAE.

The User interface and experience is simple to use and specific for each hierarchical user, with a dashboard that reflects the information that is relevant to the person logged in.

All players loaded into the system via the website and have the ability via a mobile app to access their personal information, track securely their injuries and stats and also request transfers. Staff can see live data reports, based on injuries, performance, and financial payments. Coaches can’t select players who are marked by medics as not fit to play and all team sheets are electronic and live.

The federation can see live registration of clubs, approve and decline applications, transfers and track the finances of the clubs via the dashboard.
Alongside the data dashboards, they can create leagues or tournaments and fixtures based on gender, age or skill sets. They can also track player participation and filter it by age, demographic, gender or club.

The Result

SportsLive simplified the governance and running of Rugby in the UAE, the cost savings were not only at federation level, it greatly reduced the need of administrators at both clubs and the federation and put the focus back onto the coaching and day to day proactive management of the game. The system allowed for the implementation of the concussion protocol with players unable to be selected again until signed off by a designated league approve concussion specialist in the software. Leagues, analytics and fixtures are now live with Referees applying match data directly into a smart phone and approving results live. More importantly the system has helped safeguard the younger players in the UAE, ensuring that there is one point of communication with match, training calendars shared directly in app to parents and guardians.

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