Sports Marketplace

All commerce will be via smart contracts and web3 technology, ensuring a percentage of sales goes to grassroots sport.


Sports equipment can bought from the the sportslive marketplace, through partnerships with major sports brand with major sports brands. All purchases will be done via smart contracts and allow federations to buy equipment from the credits raised in participation.


Sports star have control of their memorabilia and using smart contracts can sell official merchandise direct to consumer through apps. A percentage of sales revenue goes back to grassroots sport in their country through the smart contract.


Former professional players can setup digital academies and sell the content through the sports apps. Ensuring ex academy and older professionals can stay in the game after retirement and make eternal revenue. This covers mental health, legal advice, food & nutrition and technical skills.


There is not yet a dedicated NFT marketplace for sports print or video art. The apps allow artists and creatives to directly target sportspeople who are assigned to the app.

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