The New Transfer System

The Problem

The transfer system is currently broken and unregulated in sports, lacks transparency and is run by agents who are unregulated. There is no ledger and written contracts and WhatsApp is the normal tool for messaging and communication whilst paper is still the main medium for contracts and is filed away insecurely on share points.

Players can search for agents and link them to their profile and also attracts bids for their work. Agents once linked to a player will have a breakdown of key parts of the contract for the player to view their entire career history will be secured on a ledger, from health, value to social media relevance.

The Solution

We have redesigned the transfer system based on blockchain technology. Our product would act as a solution and ensure that agents, teams, players and leagues are treated fairly.

Players will be able to assign their agent or adviser in the app by linking to their token in the blockchain. All transfers will be registered on the ledger with full transparency including percentages, sell-on clauses etc. The app will allow for the connection of a digital wallet and provide a secure system that can only be accessed via certified or authentication/login process. All agents on the app would be able to see the transfer history of every transaction that they’re involve with as well a ranking based on the agent who achieved the best results for their client

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